Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 4...~Sponge Cake & Tiramisu~

Two weeks passed, Part 4 finally came - Sponge Cake & Tiramisu..Hehe!!

Tiramisu = Pick me up..It is a cool Italian dessert that once tasted, leaves an indelible impression on you..Hehe!! Do you have this feeling after you tasted it?

Firstly, I need a sponge cake. During the making of sponge cake, it is quite difficult to whip the egg white and sugar until stiff..It needs time and patient..Hehe!! The sponge cake that I baked is quite "slim"..So that is not enough to slice it into 2 layers..Haiz, unsuccessful at the first stage..Anyway, I have my own idea to make it..Hehe!!

After that, I started to prepare Tiramisu..All the while is fine..Hehe!! When it required whipped whipping cream, I just realized that the whipping cream has been expired for two days..Finally I went to Tesco Extra to buy a new one..After done all, my homemade tiramisu is ready to keep in fridge for 5 hours..

The next day morning, I dust my homemade tiramisu with cocoa powder..I like this step very much..Hehe!! I felt great and surprise after I tasted it..Because I can't imagine that I could make it successfully..Hehe!! I am so happy..Jimmy commented that it is nice also..Hehe!! Yeah!!

Tiramisu~Mission Done Successfully!!

Ingredients for the making of Sponge Cake

"Slimmy" coffee sponge cake

Ingredients for the making of Tiramisu

Tiramisu before keep in frigde

Tiramisu after dust with cocoa powder

My homemade Tiramisu..


  1. Very nice and tasty indeed. If the compliment from me alone, it maybe untrue. But some of our friends said it is nice and tasty. Well..can you start believing it? Hehe...

  2. Thanks for praising..There is still a gap for me to improve..Hehe!!

  3. You are welcome. Not gap la..rooms for improvement. Hehe...I know you will be a great chef in the future. Haha..

  4. Ops,paiseh paiseh..
    English not good..Hehe!! Great chef?? Haha..
    If I can cook 3 dishes and one soup everyday for my lovely Jimmy, I am very happy already..