Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neewer Filter Kit..

Today just had a chat with my colleague about DSLR..Suddenly I recalled that I have missed out something in my blog..Hehe..Now I would like to show you all what I have missed out..:)

Last July, Jimmy bought me a Neewer Filter Kit through Amazon which included 7 pieces of 67mm filter with a reasonable price..Frankly, it is really worth and value for money!! They are 4 macro filters (+1, +2, +4 and +10), 1 UV filter, 1 fluorescent filter and 1 polarizing filter..There are 2 small hard cases to pack all these filters..One packed with 4 macro filters and the other one packed with the rest filters..

A macro filter/close-up filter is a filter that attaches onto the end of a camera lens via a screw thread. The purpose of the filter is to decrease the minimum distance that a lens requires to focus. Close-up filters are measured in Dioptre, with +2 being weak and +10 being strong. A dioptre is a measure of lens power. I get the information from HERE..

Thanks to Jimmy for the gift..Hehe..I am really appreciating..Hehe..I will upload the results sooner..Hehe..

Neewer Fluorescent filter, Polarizing filter & UV filter

Neewer Close-Up filter (+1, +2, +4 and +10)


  1. I saw those filters on eBay and was wondering how good are they. Have you tried them them? How is the quality? Any flare or distortions?

  2. Hi Moayad,

    Ya, I have tried them..For me, the quality is good..No distortions and flares..:)