Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 15...~White Chocolate Cheese Cake~

Last Monday I have made White Chocolate Cheese Cake..Hehe!!

The making procedures are almost same as others cheese cakes which I have made before..The only difference is I used the method of bake in water bath for this time..Hehe!! Not as hard as I have thought..

The taste is nice but for me, it is quite sweety..Hehe!! The white chocolate which recommended by cake shop's boss is worth in quality and price because the white chocolate is really smooth after bake..The boss is quite honest to me..Hehe!! I am so happy because some of my colleagues commented that my home-made cheese cake is nice..Hehe!! Yeah!!

Mission Successful!!

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

"Love-Love" as topping..

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