Saturday, March 27, 2010

Serai Kajang Satay...

Jimmy and I went to Serai Kajang Satay yesterday..When we arrive, the place is quite crowdy..Most of the visitors are Malays..Just both of us are Chinese..

The environment overall is simple and easy..There is a simple menu for us to order..Jimmy ordered 6 sticks of Chicken Satay (RM0.70 per stick), 3 sticks of Duck Satay (RM1 per stick), 1 Nasi Himpit (RM0.50 per piece), 1 set of Otak-Otak (RM3 for 5 pieces), Coffee Ice (RM1.80) and Apple Juice (RM2.50)..Jimmy would like to order mutton satay..Unfortunately, they are sold out..

We are served with one bowl of satay sauce and one small bowl of chili paste..Just like the original Kajang Satay..The chicken satay is quite tasty compared to others satay stall in Ipoh..For the Duck Satay, you can feel the taste of turmeric (kunyit) quite heavy..Anyway, it is delicious..Hehe!!

Both of us quite curious about the Otak-Otak because they are red in color..We have tried before for those are orange color..However, the taste is normal..For the drinks, both Coffee Ice and Apple Juice are very sweet..I could not finish my favourite Coffee Ice because I cannot stand the sweet taste..

Overview of the restaurant..

Another view..

Chicken Satay

Duck Satay

Nasi Himpit

All in one plate..

Satay sauce

Chili paste


Red in color..


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