Monday, November 22, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 24...~Coffee Flower~

Today I went back home earlier..Hehe..As I want to bake Coffee Flower..

I bought all the ingredients last Saturday..Unfortunately, I did not have time to bake last I decided to bake today..The procedures of making Coffee Flower are very simple and easy..However, there is a step which I felt that quite tough..That is put the dough in the star-shaped nozzle and pipe it out..It is very difficult to pipe it out..Jimmy taught me a way..I will try it out next time..Hehe..

Before bake, the shapes of my cookies are look like flower..Nevertheless, after baked, it had became a flat flower..Although the taste is nice, I a bit disappointed about the outlook..

Anyway, I took this as a lesson learn..Hehe..Next bake will be better..Hehe..

Ingredients for making Coffee Flower

Cream Until Fluffy


Before bake

After bake


  1. haha....really don;t look like flowers, hehe :_)
    but it looks tasty, hehe ~

  2. Ying Ying: Yaloh..Hehe..Next time will be better..Hehe..