Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 21...~White Chocolate Cheese Cake~

Wow, it is really long time I did not step into my cooking journey..Last Wednesday one of my friend came to my house to bake cheese cake..She gave me the remaining ingredients..I do not want to waste them so I decided to bake a White Chocolate Cheese Cake..

I have made White Chocolate Cheese Cake at my Cooking Journey Part 15 earlier..I get the recipe from one of my favorite recipe blog..Hehe..The procedure to make this cheese cake are simple and easy..

I have tried my homemade White Chocolate Cheese Cake..Personally, I like it very much..Hahaha..It is nice and tasty..The taste of cheese is "thick"..Comment from myself is not accurate..Thus, I will treat it to my lovely Jimmy and friends to gain different comments..Hehe..

White Chocolate Cheese Cake


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neewer Filter Kit...Continue

I have tried my Neewer filter kit last Saturday..Thanks to Jimmy for teaching me how to use..Hehe..

Firstly, we tried Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL)..CPL removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass.From the two pictures below, we can clearly see that there is a reflection at D90 box at the first picture whereas the second picture does not have reflection at all..

Without filter

With CPL filter

After that, Jimmy showed me the difference between close-up filters with different Dioptre..From +1 to +10..The purpose of these filters are to decrease the minimum distance that a lens requires to focus.

Without filter

With Close-up Filter +1

With Close-up Filter +2

With Close-up Filter +4

With Close-up Filter +10

Finally we tried Fluorescent filter..Fluorescent filter is used to correct the greenish tone that appears when fluorescent lighting is present..After attached the fluorescent filter, we can see that the skin's color of the kid is more orangery and reddish instead of greenish..

Without filter

With Fluorescent Filter

Daybreak Charity Food And Fun Fair

Yesterday Jimmy and I went to Daybreak Charity Food and Fun Fair at Pengkalan Ipoh..We bought the coupon from our colleague earlier..RM10 per book..We bought 5 books..One of our colleague did not attend this charity fair, he gave his book to Jimmy..Hehe..

Daybreak is an acronym for Disabled Adults and Youths Being Rewarded, Encouraged and Awarded in Kinta..They set out to help the disabled find a meaningful place in society by providing a training ground in specialized skills and a retail center for their handicrafts..For more information, please kindly visit DAYBREAK..

The Daybreak Charity Food and Fun Fair started at 9am..We arrived there around 9.15am..There are a lot of cars and people over there..We are so luckily to get a nice parking..Hehe..After that, we entered Daybreak..It was so lively..There are quite many stalls which sold different types of food and beverage..I heard that all the food and beverage stalls are the most famous in Ipoh..Hehe..Besides, there are few booths which provided games..

Suddenly, we were so surprise because we saw a Star Wars Storm Trooper appeared just a few miles away from us..Hehe..I was so excited and would like to take photo with him..Hehe..He walked around the place and many people took photos with him..After that, we walked into the hall to take a look about the training process..

Then we started our mission - food hunting..Hehe..We bought a lot of food and beverage, such as Herbal Tea, Popiah, "Yong Taufu", Longan Taufu Dessert, Chicken Wing, Kaya Puff, Sushi and one bottle of Soya


Lively Place

Opening Ceremony Place

Star Wars Storm Trooper Played Game

Star Wars Storm Trooper

Fish Game

Ping Pong Ball Game

Operating Hall

Pumping air into glove


Fruit Stall

Famous Popiah

Herbal Tea (RM2 per bottle)

Vege Sushi (RM5 per box)

Fried Popiah (RM2 per piece)

Soya Sauce (RM10 per bottle)

Longan Taufu Dessert (RM2 per box)

Chicken Wing (RM10 - 3 pieces)

Yong Taufu (RM3 - 5 pieces)

Kaya Puff (RM10 - 10 pieces)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bower DSLR Backpack..

There is one more thing I have left out..Hehe..That is......

Last July, Jimmy bought a Bower DSLR Backpack through Amazon..Again, he googled for awhile and finally found a reasonable price backpack..Hehe..This backpack is simple and light weight..Both of us like it very much!!

Bower DSLR Backpack

Side view - Tripod Holder


Filled up with my gear


Back View

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neewer Filter Kit..

Today just had a chat with my colleague about DSLR..Suddenly I recalled that I have missed out something in my blog..Hehe..Now I would like to show you all what I have missed out..:)

Last July, Jimmy bought me a Neewer Filter Kit through Amazon which included 7 pieces of 67mm filter with a reasonable price..Frankly, it is really worth and value for money!! They are 4 macro filters (+1, +2, +4 and +10), 1 UV filter, 1 fluorescent filter and 1 polarizing filter..There are 2 small hard cases to pack all these filters..One packed with 4 macro filters and the other one packed with the rest filters..

A macro filter/close-up filter is a filter that attaches onto the end of a camera lens via a screw thread. The purpose of the filter is to decrease the minimum distance that a lens requires to focus. Close-up filters are measured in Dioptre, with +2 being weak and +10 being strong. A dioptre is a measure of lens power. I get the information from HERE..

Thanks to Jimmy for the gift..Hehe..I am really appreciating..Hehe..I will upload the results sooner..Hehe..

Neewer Fluorescent filter, Polarizing filter & UV filter

Neewer Close-Up filter (+1, +2, +4 and +10)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Genting Highlands 2D1N Relaxing Trip...

Last Saturday Jimmy and I went to Genting Highlands for a 2D1N relaxing trip..Hehe..Jimmy received a letter from Genting which stated that "Member Has Its Privileges"..The entitlements included 1 complimentary Deluxe room for 2 nights stay Resort/First World Hotel and complimentary meal for 2 pax at Fortune Corner/ Good Luck Restaurant..

Jimmy called them to book the Resort Hotel. However, we could not book for continuously 2 night as they have been fully booked..Finally we decided to stay 1 night..These vouchers can be used even during Peak and Super Peak Season..Hehe..

Early morning we had breakfast at Poh Chan Restaurant..Then we started our journey to Genting..Although it is Saturday and School Holiday, there are less cars along the highway..Hehe..How lucky we are!! When Jimmy's "White Horse" hiking up to Genting, I could feel that the force of impulse in it..When it overtook others car, it is totally different if compared to last time..Hehe..Sounds like I am pro..Frankly, I am not a pro about cars and yet I just inherited some gene from my dad..Hehe..

Finally we arrived at Genting, we checked in at Resort Hotel..Their service is very good if compared to First World..After that, we took a rest in hotel..Our room has a Outdoor Theme Park view..It is really nice!! Hehe..After rest, we hang out at Casino..It is my first time to play in Casino..Hehe..Quite excited..We took our early dinner at Good Luck Restaurant..I did not take any photos as Casino cannot bring camera..The food is nice and quite big portion for 1 person..It is worth to dine at here..

Then we went back to Hotel and rest..Around 8.00pm, we walked to First World Plaza to have a photoshoot session..:) This time Jimmy was the photographer and I am the model..Hahaha!!

There is a small "Chinatown" in First World Plaza..Besides, there are a lot of performances..Such as Magic Show, China Kung Fu, China "Yo-Yo", Malay Traditional Musical Performance and Break Dance..It is really a lively place..:)

After that, we took our supper at Marrybrown..We are quite tired thus we did not take any photos at Marrybrown..:) Just finished the meal and walked back to Hotel..At the lobby, we met Nicholas Teo..His fans club is taking pictures with him..Haha..We are so lucky..I took out my Panasonic Lumix Fs3 in 1 second time to take his photo..Hehe..

The next morning, we took our breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam..Their morning business is really good..I will not comment so much about their food..Just would like to talk about their teaspoon..They are franchise so they should use the same utensils..However, they are using plastic teaspoon instead of porcelain..It is not environment friendly at all..

After the breakfast, we went back to Ipoh..Hehe..Thanks for Jimmy to give me such a relaxing trip..For more photos, please visit abbie-graphy..:)

Old Town White Coffee

Plastic Teaspoon

Curry with Potato and Bread

Curry with Potato

Bread with Kaya and Butter

Outdoor Theme Park View


Night View of Theme Park

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nissin Speedlite Di622...Continue

As my friend request, I have captured few photos about my Nissin Speedlite Di622 which attached to my Big Head Prawn (D90)..Hehe..

Let's go through them..These photos I took by using my Panasonic Lumix Fs3..:)


Tilt the flash head..

Back view..still cool!!

Tilt again..Hehe