Monday, November 30, 2009

Ng@n Mei & @bbie's Birthday Celebration @ Folie Folie

Last Sunday my best friends organized a Birthday Celebration Party for Ngan Mei and I at Folie Folie..Hehe!! Ying Ying got some info from her friends about this cafe..There are good comments from some blogger and even newspaper..Hehe!! So we decided to have a try..

Jimmy and I were late for 1 and a 1/2 hours because we have something to do..Hehe!! After reached, we started to order our lunch..I took Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce whereas Jimmy ordered Grilled Fish..For drinks, we took tea pot of Earl Grey (Jimmy tried before and commented that it is nice)..We were told by the waitress that they are having a promotion..For every western main course order, there is a 30% deduction for Häagen-Dazs ice cream ( for one scoop)..After deduction, the price is RM5.60 per scoop..We had ordered one scoop..(I forgot the flavor that I chose but the flavor I took is high recommended by the waitress)

While waiting for the meal, I brought my homemade Mini Doggies Crunch for my friends to try..Hehe!! I have received some good comments from them..Hehe!! After wait for 10 minutes, our meals are served..For the grilled fish, the mango sauce is quite special but the volume is only for 60% full whereas the chicken chop, the taste is just comparable to others normal cafe..Hehe!! After that, our dessert is served..It is so attractive..Hehe!! I have added some marks for the outlook of our dessert..Hehe!!

Let's scroll down to take a look with the foods and drinks..Hehe!!

Folie Folie

Earl Grey Tea

Grilled fish with veges and mango sauce

Black pepper chicken chop


After finished our lunch, they are preparing for the birthday cakes..Hehe!! They bought two 1/2 kg cakes for Ngan Mei and I..Really thanks to their well planning..Hehe!! We sang birthday song together in English and Chinese version..Hehe!! Other customers were "paused" on their action to take a look on us..It is because we are quite noisy and "grand" since we have 2 cakes for a Birthday celebration..Hehe!!

After that, we took a lot of photos..Hehe!! All of us finished one slice of fruits cake whereas Ah Choy forced to finish one quarter..Hehe!! He is quite pity..Hehe!! Anyway, heard from Mangga, he is "affordable"..Then, we chit chat for awhile and left around 4.30pm..

Thanks for Ying Ying, Wai Mei, Mangga & Choy for the meals and cakes..I am so appreciating with what you all have planned for us..Really thanks so much..Cheers!!!

Birthday cakes and red eggs..

Best friends..


Beauties & Christmas Tree

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