Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 22...~Cheese Crunch~

Yesterday I looked through the fridge, I found that there is a butter left..So I decided to finish it today..Hehe..After went through the recipe book, I decided to bake Cheese Crunch..This is my second time to make this biscuit..I still remember my 50% successful of My First Homemade Cheese Crunch..Hehe..

This time I remembered to use fine sugar..The sugar is totally melted with the butter..Hehe..Besides, I shaped the mixture into round shape and pressed it with a fork..All these is the lesson learn from the First Time..

I have tried my Cheese Crunch..Personally, I like it very much..Hehe..My Homemade Cheese Crunch considered successful..Hehe..

Ingredients For Cheese Crunch

Sugar Melted With Butter

Cheese In Cubes


Ready To Use

Round Shape

Pressed With Fork


Homemade Cheese Crunch

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