Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 21...~White Chocolate Cheese Cake~

Wow, it is really long time I did not step into my cooking journey..Last Wednesday one of my friend came to my house to bake cheese cake..She gave me the remaining ingredients..I do not want to waste them so I decided to bake a White Chocolate Cheese Cake..

I have made White Chocolate Cheese Cake at my Cooking Journey Part 15 earlier..I get the recipe from one of my favorite recipe blog..Hehe..The procedure to make this cheese cake are simple and easy..

I have tried my homemade White Chocolate Cheese Cake..Personally, I like it very much..Hahaha..It is nice and tasty..The taste of cheese is "thick"..Comment from myself is not accurate..Thus, I will treat it to my lovely Jimmy and friends to gain different comments..Hehe..

White Chocolate Cheese Cake



  1. so nice..i wish i could have a try, hehe :)

  2. Ying Ying: Really? I can bring for you..Hehe..