Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Quarter's Surprise...Happy~

One quarter passed~Yeah!!

He bought a size of 30 Bumble Bee T-shirt for me..Unfortunately, it is tight for me..But I still can wear it..Just abit short only..Anyway, he gave to my BB and decided to buy for me a new one..

We went to 5 Petronas petrol station in Ipoh to buy it..But it is out of stock..Left small sizes and others autobots T-shirts..We are finally buy nothing..:(

After I went back home, he called me that he bought size 34 at Tasek Petronas..Haiyo, "gek sei ngo la"..Told him just forget about it..But he insisted to buy it..Supposed white T for kids and black T for adults..However, black T is too big for me so he bought white T..This is the reason that he kept laughing at me because I am wearing kids' size T..Anyway, I am so touched and happy..Hehe!!

Thanks ya, Jimmy Zai!! Muacksss..Hehe!!

Transformer~Bumble Bee T..


  1. It's just a small matter. I promised to get 1 for you, so, I'll get it. Hehe.

    You owe me 50cents for the last purple highlighted phrase. Hahaha...

  2. Have you promised? I don't think so la..You just said if can then get it..
    Anyway, Danke Schon ah!!

    No problem..Pay to you later..