Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nissin Speedlite Di622..

Early of the month, we went to Poon's Photo to look for external flash..However, the flash that we are seeking is out of stock for almost 2 months..Last week I called Mr.Poon and he told me that they have stock..I am quite excited..Hehe..

Today Jimmy and I went to Poon's Photo to look for the flash..It is Nissin Speedlite Di622..This flash is developed with the latest TTL (Through The Lens) flash control technology..It can work automatically with i-TTL auto-flash system..Besides, Di622 has a wireless remote flash system as a slave unit..Di622 synchronizes to TTL flash produced by the master flash which are either Camera's built-in flash, Di622 or camera manufacturers' original flash on the camera..

We have tired on the spot and we experienced the significant difference between an external flash and the built-in flash..We are quite satisfy with the result..Finally, we bough it with a reasonable price..:)

I will upload some photos at my abbie-graphy after I try Di622..To my readers, please be patient oh..Hehe..

Nissin Speedlite Di622

Light Diffusing Panel & Fill-in Reflector

Control Panel

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aberdeen Cafe @ Ipoh

Last Wednesday Jimmy and I went to Aberdeen Cafe to have dinner..We went to this cafe many times but I did not write review about it so far..Hehe..This time I must review it and recommend to my readers (sounds like I have many readers)..Hehe..

When we entered the cafe, the friendly waiter brought us to a table and then gave us a menu..They provides set dinner which includes soup of the day, main course, drink and dessert..Jimmy ordered Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM11.80), Mushroom Soup and Ice Lemon Tea..I took Seafood Udon Soup (RM8.80), Ice Coffee and soup of the day..

After awhile, our meals were served swiftly..Personally, I felt that the food is quite special and nice..Besides, the food is quite big portion with a reasonable price..They are better than many places in terms of food and service..

They are collecting 5% service charge which I felt that quite reasonable..Furthermore, they are really meaning in service if compared to that of Boston Restaurant and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng..I would like to recommend this cafe to my readers..Hehe!!

Overview of Cafe

Ice Lemon Tea & Ice Coffee

Soup of The Day

Mushroom Soup

Seafood Udon Soup


Chicken Chop


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ De Garden Ipoh..

Today Jimmy brought me to have a movie..Hehe..It had been awhile since our last movie which is "Wolfman"..We are early birds so we could buy cheaper tickets (RM8 per person)..We chose normal show of "The Last Airbender"..What is the meaning of "normal show"? Hehe..That's movie without 3D..For this movie, we felt that it is not worth if we take 3D show because the 3D effects are not powerful..:)

Then we walked to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to have our lunch..Finally we visited this "infamous" place..Hehe..This restaurant provides Hong Kong famous cuisine..Nowadays, this kind of restaurants are famous in Malaysia..Just like Boston, Kim Gary and so on..

When we entered the restaurant, there is a waiter served us for the table which Boston does not have this kind of service..However, my friend's experience was bad during their visit at night time previously..I think maybe there is a lot of visitors at night time..They are lack of man power so they cannot cover thoroughly..In my opinion, that is not an excuse because as a franchise, the waiter or waitress should have experience enough to handle this kind of cases..

After the waiter wiped the table, we still felt uncomfortable as the table was wet..The waiter ignored it and he just put the menu on it..I felt that it is disgusting and I tried to wipe myself..Before we sit down, actually we saw the 2 tables beside us are dirty..After we ordered, the 2 tables still remain the same condition..Jimmy commented that they are really slow motion..Overall, the decoration of the restaurant is quite good and special..Both of us like it because it gave us a comfortable feel..Although it is noon time, we did not feel warm at all..The air flow is very good if compared to Boston..

After looked through the menu, Jimmy ordered Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork (RM9.50) and I took Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish (RM10.90)..For the drinks, we ordered Hong Kong Coffee (RM2.80) and Silk Stockings Milk Tea (RM2.80)..The price of the food is a bit cheaper than Boston..Nevertheless, we felt that it is still expensive because those food have been commercialized by this kind of restaurants..

Our drinks were served first..The drinks are not fully filled (refer to the photo below)..Maybe it is "Hong Kong style"..The straw is quite "special" which is very thin..Then, our food served..The taste of Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork is quite salty...Jimmy could not accept it..For my Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish, the soup is very green-yellowish..Totally different with local curry mee..

Overall, the taste of food is normal and yet acceptable..Hehe..After paid the bill, we did not check the bill and left..Luckily just few steps away from the restaurant, I went through the bill..They did not cancel one of our order which had sold out..The waiter just canceled our order manually and did not key into system..Thus the cashier counted it in our bill..We returned and told the cashier..She apologized and treated us politely..

This "infamous" place is collecting 10% service charge which is same as Boston..Again, we will only visit here once in a blue moon..Hehe..Personally, both of us more prefer Aberdeen than these 2 Hong Kong style restaurants..Aberdeen is far superior in terms of food and service if compared to these 2 restaurants..:)

Thanks to Jimmy for the photos..:)


Hong Kong Coffee and Silk Stockings Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork

Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boston @ De Garden

Jimmy brought me to Boston at De Garden to have dinner today..Hehe..It is just new opening..It is one kind of concept restaurant like Wong Kok, Kim Gary, Station One and so on..

When we arrived, it is full house..We waited for 10 minutes, there is a table for us..Personally, the decoration here is quite normal..The ONLY special is every table is decorated with Mahjong..They are using tungsten light and whole restaurant is quite dark for me..Beside, I felt that it is quite warm..Although there has air condition and a lot of fans, both of us are feeling warm and hot..Giving me an uncomfortable feel..

After going through the menu, we felt that the food is quite expensive..Jimmy chose a sizzling set which is the ONLY set they are serving..He took Mixed Delight (Chicken, Fish & Beef) in Sizzling Hot Plate (RM29.95)..This set includes Mushroom Soup, Garlic Bread and Ice Lemon Tea..I just ordered a warm water with Lemon (RM0.90)..90 cents for a warm water, it is really expensive..

For the food, Jimmy commented that it is normal and yet acceptable..But the cookers are "heavy-hand" because the food is heavy tasted..The black pepper taste is very strong until we could not really differentiate the taste of chicken, fish, and mushroom soup after few mouths..

Personally, we will just visit here once in a while (not blue moon)..It is because we think that it is not worth to dine here..Besides, they are charging 10% service charge with a quite bad service..I saw there is customer besides us who complained about their orders..


Mahjong Decoration

Ice Lemon Tea & Warm Water with Lemon

Garlic Bread & Mushroom Soup

Mixed Delight (Chicken, Fish & Beef) in Sizzling Hot Plate

Black Canyon Coffee @ Kinta City..2nd Visit

Yesterday Ying Ying and I went to Jusco for shopping..We took our lunch at Black Canyon Coffee..It is my second time to visit here..Hehe..

Both of us took set lunch (RM12.95) which included Watermelon Juice, Tom Yam Soup and a main course..Ying Ying chose Fusilli with Seafood and Chili Paste as her main course whereas I took Rice with Roasted Chicken in Garlic & Pepper with Mixed Vegetables in Gravy as my main course..

The Tom Yam soup is very nice..Both of us like it very much..Hehe..Overall, the food is yummy and worth to dine here because the meal is quite big portion..It is more than enough for one person's meal..Hehe..However, they are charging 10% service charge..It is the ONLY one that I dislike..Hehe!

Tom Yam Soup

Watermelon Juice

Rice with Roasted Chicken in Garlic & Pepper with Mixed Vegetables in Gravy

Fusilli with Seafood and Chili Paste

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nyok Lan Kajang Satay - Restoran Malaysia...

After left Malacca, we went to Kajang to fetch my Mum and BB..My Auntie treated us famous Kajang Satay at Restoran Malaysia aka Nyok Lan Kajang Satay..

I have visited this restaurant since I was a baby..Hehe..They are really famous with their Kajang Satay..Auntie ordered 25 sticks of chicken (60 cents/stick), 5 sticks of mutton (90 cents/stick), 5 sticks of fish (90 cents/stick) and 3 pieces of Ketupat..

Personally, I like their satay sauce with some chili paste on top very much..Hehe..It is really tasty and nice..Besides, we have ordered Otak-otak (70 cents/piece) also..Again, it is delicious..Hehe..Let's go through the photos..:)

Thanks to my Auntie for the meal..:)

Satay Sauce with Chili Paste






Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malacca Eating Trip...

Early in the morning around 6am, we took our breakfast at Takashi Restaurant which near my house..After that, we started our journey to Malacca by riding Yi Xiu's "White Horse"..Hehe..Jimmy borrowed a GPS from his friend - James, on the way to Kuala Lumpur, we tried the GPS to test its accuracy..Hehe..The GPS will sound "Deng Deng Deng" when we exceeded the speed limit..Furthermore, it will alert us that there is possibility of speed trap ahead..Nevertheless, the alert sound is quite irritating especially when we are chatting in the car..:)

Around 8.45am, we arrived at Sungai Besi Toll..My Uncle is waiting for us for about 30 minutes..Hehe..After dropped Mum and BB, Jimmy and I were continuing our journey to Malacca..About 10.25am, we arrived at Hallmark Hotel..The outlook of the hotel is clean and new..We parked our car in front of hotel (free parking) and registered our name first as we could not check in yet..Then we walked to Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls to have our lunch..Finally, it is my "analog GPS" (printed map) show time..Hehe..

When we reached Hoe Kee, both of us are quite surprise because there are just 2 tables of customers..It does not have long queue in front of the restaurant as what I have googled..Hehe..We are so lucky! The friendly waitress offered us a 2 persons' meal which includes 15 pieces of rice balls and chicken meat..But we have reduced rice balls to 10 pieces and added one Black Bean Soup..We did not take any drink because we will have Cendol later..Hehe..

The decoration of Hoe Kee is more to nostalgic style..Personally I like it very much..It gives me a feeling of "Ip Man"..Hehe..For the food, the rice balls are really special and nice..When cut it into two, we can see that it is quite compact..For me, the chicken is so-so only..:) I felt that Ipoh Chicken is better..Hehe..And the soup, it is quite special and tasty..Total expense here is RM12.50 (Quite reasonable)..Overall, it is a nice try at here..

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls

Rice Balls


Black Bean Soup

After that, we walked to 88 Dessert to have famous cendol in Malacca..Again, we did not see long queue..We are really lucky!! Jimmy ordered one Baba Durian Cendol (RM3)..The house is decorated with nostalgic ornaments which are really attractive..Just like we are going back to old times..Hehe..Personally the cendol is too sweet for me..But it is very nice and special and the durian paste is really "wangi"..

88 Dessert House

Baba Durian Cendol

Then, we walked and enjoyed the nostalgic shoplots along jonker street on the way back to
Hallmark Hotel..We came across Puri Hotel, Coconut House and The Baba house..We walked into Puri Hotel to have a look and take photos..Hehe..Next time if we visit Malacca, we will stay at Puri Hotel or The Baba House..:)

We dropped at LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House to buy famous pineapple tarts..In front of this house, they have the biggest pineapple tart in Malaysia which awarded in The Malaysia Book of Records..We bought 2 boxes of Taiwan style pineapple tarts (RM7 per box), which is rolling with the pineapple inside (Original and Pandan flavour)..

LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House

The Biggest Pineapple Tarts


When reached hotel, the room is not ready yet..We took a rest on the lobby sofa and watched National Geography Channel..Around 1.45pm, finally we got the key..The room is quite small but quite clean and comfortable..They have LCD screen TV, hair dryer, DVD player, personalized toiletries, coffee maker, air conditioner and astro channels..From our room, we could see the Menara Taming Sari..Hehe..A Revolving Tower view..:)

Hotel Check In Card

After a bath, we walked from hotel to Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup around 5pm..It is very near to our hotel..When we reached, again, there is just one table of customers..How lucky we are!! I brought Jimmy to visit here because he never try this before..Although we knew that it has hygiene problem, we just would like to try few sticks..At least we have tried it if people ask..:) They have 2 types of sticks: no color cost RM0.50 per stick whereas red color cost RM0.60 per stick..We ordered 2 glasses of herba tea..Total we have eaten 15 sticks and charged RM10..

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

Various Choices of Food


Satay Sauce

Then we walked to Dutch Square..We crossed River Malacca and reached Dutch Square..There is crowded by visitors..It is really a lively place..Visitors are busy taking photos..Hehe..Both of us took some photos then we headed to Menara Taming Sari..Hehe..On the way, we saw the Portuguese ship and Melaka River Cruise..

Dutch Square

Finally we reached Menara Taming Sari..The first Revolving Tower in Malaysia..The entrance fee is RM10 for adult with MyKad..If without MyKad, they will cost RM20..Before queued up, there is a photographer takes photo with a night scene view as background..This 360 degree viewing tower can feed 66 passengers in a time..As the large capacity, just a 5 minutes wait, it was our turn..We are so excited..:) Inside the cab, it has air conditioner..When we at the highest point (80m), there is a staff who explains the historical of Malacca City in English..Hehe..We took many photos at the highest point..:) It took 7 minutes for the whole journey..I highly recommend this to my readers..It is quite worth and joyous..Hehe..

Menara Taming Sari

Eye On Malaysia

After we dropped down from tower, one the way to exit, they are selling the photo which they took earlier..The photo cost RM35 with a cardboard cover..For me, it is really expensive..Finally, we did not buy..

Then we walked back to Dutch Square..We took a rest beside of Malacca River..Of course, we tried to take some couple photos..Hehe..After that, we walked to famous Popiah in front of Madam King's Store..On the way, we saw an Indian mini mart, Jimmy bought me a plaster because my ankle's skin peel off till blood came out as I wore a new shoes..He is so "small heart" oh!! Hehe..

We crossed the famous Fried Oyster Omelette at Medan Makanan Bunga Raya..We did not order because we will eat Si Ham later..The time we crossed, they are just started their business..Hehe..When we reached the Popiah stall, few customers are queuing up..I got my number is 7..I ordered one small Popiah (RM3)..While waiting for my popiah, Jimmy and I took a cold herba tea..

After get my popiah, we headed to Capital Delicious Seafood which is beside Madam King's Store..They are famous with Si Ham, Clam and Taufu Bakar..We ordered one plate of Si Ham (RM1.50), one plate of Lala (RM1.50) and Taufu Bakar(RM3)..For me, the food is so-so..The special is their sauce..Total expense is RM6..:)

Capital Delicious Seafood

Taufu Bakar

Si Ham


Then we walked back to Jonker Street..Along the road, we saw cars stucked in traffic jam..We are so lucky because we chose to walk..Hehe..At the entrance of the Jonker Street, there is one busker who will "stab" the coconut by his right index finger in order to sell his medicated wine..This show had grabbed and hold crowd's attention..And, it had caught our eyes too and we decided to join others to have a look..Hehe..It is really unbelievable!! This old man who really can stab the coconut just by using his index finger..Of course, his finger is blooding while he stabbed the coconut..All of us gave him a big warm claps..

After that, we had a walked along the lively Jonker Street..There are so crowded..There are a lot of special souviniers and food that you may not be able to find at others place..Hehe..We bought a "Magic Wallet" for each other as souvinier..:)

Crowded Jonker Street

Then we ate Wan Tan Mee at Chap De Keng which is opposite of SJK Pay Fong..The white sauce of Wan Tan Mee is quite special..For both of us, it is quite oily..Nevertheless, it is quite nice and cheap..RM2.70 per plate served with Char Siew and Wan Tan..

Chap De Keng Wan Tan Mee

White Sauce Wan Tan Mee

After eat, we walked back to our hotel..We crossed Tang House..Luckily, we did not book Tang House..It is because the performance stage is just in front of the Tang House..It is quite disturbing if you want to rest early..Hehe..On the way back to hotel, there are a lot of cars along the road..At first, we are quite worried the street is quiet at night..But it is totally different..Hehe..

After a bath, we ate the Popiah that we bought just now..It is quite different if compared to Ipoh Popiah..There is some "Zu You Za" (Pork Oil) within the Popiah which makes the Popiah very "wangi" and crispy..Personally I prefer Ipoh Popiah because not too oily..:)

Famous Malacca Popiah

The next morning. we took our breakfast which provided by Hotel..The food is just normal and the choices are limited..Since it is free (actually counted in our room rate), we just accepted it..Around 11.45am, we checked out and left Malacca..

Toasted Bread

Red Beans & Sausage

Fried Mee & Rice

Overall, I am really enjoy and happy during this Malacca Trip..Everything is running smooth..No long queue, no traffic jam, good weather and what we have planned had been achieved..Hehe..Mission Completed!!

Thanks to Jimmy who gave me a memorable Malacca Trip and be my chauffeur driver during the long journey..Hehe..

Malacca, we will be back!! :)