Sunday, March 28, 2010

JJC Lens Hood...LH-45

Jimmy bought me a round lens hood for my "Lobster" (D3000)..This lens hood is manufactured by JJC from China..They called it LH-45 which replaces for HB-45..

Jimmy, thanks for your gift ah..Hehe!!

Greentown Moven Peak - 3rd Visit

This is our third time to visit Greentown Moven Peak..Again, we chose the same table where we sat at the first and second time visits..

After looked through the menu, Jimmy ordered set lunch of Tradisional Al English Fish & Chips (RM14.90) which come with the soup of the day, coffee and mango pudding..And I chose set lunch of Claypot Seafood Tom Yam Soup Meehon (RM10.90) which also included the soup of the day, coffee and mango pudding..

The food are quite big portion..It is much more than enough for one person..Overall, the food is tasty and acceptable..However, their service is quite slow..We almost finished our food, the coffee is not serve yet..Finally, Jimmy have to remind them..

There are 5 % service charge and 5 % government tax for the bill..Jimmy do not like their service so we did not give them any extra tips..Hehe!!

Soup of the day - Jimmy's order

Soup of the day - Abbie's order

Claypot Seafood Tom Yam Soup Meehon

Tradisional Al English Fish & Chips


Mango Pudding

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Serai Kajang Satay...

Jimmy and I went to Serai Kajang Satay yesterday..When we arrive, the place is quite crowdy..Most of the visitors are Malays..Just both of us are Chinese..

The environment overall is simple and easy..There is a simple menu for us to order..Jimmy ordered 6 sticks of Chicken Satay (RM0.70 per stick), 3 sticks of Duck Satay (RM1 per stick), 1 Nasi Himpit (RM0.50 per piece), 1 set of Otak-Otak (RM3 for 5 pieces), Coffee Ice (RM1.80) and Apple Juice (RM2.50)..Jimmy would like to order mutton satay..Unfortunately, they are sold out..

We are served with one bowl of satay sauce and one small bowl of chili paste..Just like the original Kajang Satay..The chicken satay is quite tasty compared to others satay stall in Ipoh..For the Duck Satay, you can feel the taste of turmeric (kunyit) quite heavy..Anyway, it is delicious..Hehe!!

Both of us quite curious about the Otak-Otak because they are red in color..We have tried before for those are orange color..However, the taste is normal..For the drinks, both Coffee Ice and Apple Juice are very sweet..I could not finish my favourite Coffee Ice because I cannot stand the sweet taste..

Overview of the restaurant..

Another view..

Chicken Satay

Duck Satay

Nasi Himpit

All in one plate..

Satay sauce

Chili paste


Red in color..


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unique Seafood @ Lost World Of Tambun...2nd Visit

Today my family, Jimmy and I visited Unique Seafood again..Hehe!! Last time we got one free voucher for sea prawn 600g..Supposed this voucher only can redeem on Monday to Friday..However, the captain is so nice and let us use the voucher..Hehe!!

This time we chose open air for our dinner..Hehe!! I ordered what we have missed last time..Hehe!! I took 3 Special and Famous of Unique Seafood..They are Meat Crab, Kai Lan in Two Varieties and Marinated Chicken..Besides, I have ordered Fish Fillet and our free sea prawn..Hehe!!

Overall the food is quite tasty and nice..All of us give a big thumb about it..Hehe!! Especially the crab..Hehe!!
Our bill is above RM120, so we have a chance to pick a free gift..Hehe!! Finally, we picked a free voucher of sea prawn 600g again!! Haha!!

Fish Fillet

Sea Prawn - Free

Marinated Chicken

Kai Lan in Two Varieties

Meat Crab

Friday, March 19, 2010

PappaRich @ De Garden Ipoh

PappaRich - A funny restaurant name that I heard recently..What they are actually selling? I am quite curious about it..Hehe!!

Jimmy and I finally went to this restaurant to have a try..Hehe!! We bypassed this restaurant, we saw they are full house..Hehe!! However, both of us were so lucky and found a table..Hehe!! We sat outdoor which is near the entrance..The view is not bad..Hehe!!

I ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang(RM8.90) and PappaCham Ice (RM4.20) whereas Jimmy took Cendol (RM4.80)..For me, the food is normal..However, they are much better than Old Town Kopitiam, Station 1 and TOS..Both of us think that the price is slightly higher..Not really value for money..Hehe!! In my opinion, it is only acceptable to visit here once in a blue moon..

Awesome Deco


Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang


Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant...

Jimmy and I went to Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant to have dinner yesterday..This Japanese restaurant was highly recommended by most of my colleagues..Hehe!! We had missed the gathering this Tuesday because Jimmy and I were on the way back to Ipoh from Genting Highlands..We could not make it..Hehe!!

When we reach, there are almost full house..Hehe!! At that moment, we can know that their business is not bad..Hehe!! We went through the menu..There are a lot of choices..Finally, Jimmy ordered Ni Hotate Shio/Tare aka Boiled Scallop with Salt/Sauce (RM5.80), Shirasu Chahan aka Mini Sardin Fish Fried Rice (RM4.80) and Kappa Maki (RM3.80) whereas I took Chicken Teriyaki Bento (RM21.80)..Both of us are serving warm green tea as our drinks..Hehe!!

Their food is quite nice and value for money..I will recommend this restaurant to my friends..Hehe!! For the service, I gave 8 out of 10..Hehe!! The waitresses and waiters are ready for help with a smile..Hehe!! I will come back for the next time..Hehe!!

Thanks to Jimmy for the photos..Hehe!!

View of restaurant


Kappa Maki

Shirasu Chahan aka Mini Sardin Fish Fried Rice

Ni Hotate Shio/Tare aka Boiled Scallop with Salt/Sauce

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant @ Genting Highlands...1st Anniversary Celebration

Jimmy and I were having a short trip 2D1N at Genting Highlands to celebrate our 1st Anniversary yesterday..Hehe!! We redeemed a free room staying at First World Hotel at Matta Fair Ipoh..

After arrived at First World Hotel, we have waited for almost 4 hours to check in our room..It is because there are too many visitors..A lot of kids and families as now is the school holiday..Hehe!! While waiting for checking in, Jimmy and I were taking turn to photoshoot..Hehe!! After checked in, we went to take our late lunch at McDonald..Hehe!! Then, we had a walk and photoshoot around First World Indoor Plaza..We are having a lot of fun during the walk and photoshooting..After that, we went back to hotel and had a rest..

Jimmy brought me to have our big dinner at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant..Hehe!! I was so excited because this is my first time to visit there and same for Jimmy..Hehe!! There is a waitress standing at the entrance to take down your name and you have to wait for empty table and to be served..It is because they are full house..We can see that their business is really good..

We ordered an Abalone Set which includes 7 dishes which are BBQ sliced pork with Yam paste, Double-boiled Shark's Fin with Fish Maw and Dried Scallop, Whole fresh Abalone "Ah Yat Style" (4ppc) & Stewed
Goose Web with vegetables, Special Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf, Ah Yat Handmade Bird's Nest Egg Tart and Fresh Almond Juice..The abalone set costs RM99 per pax, usual price per pax is RM198..Jimmy would like to take a porridge for me because I am not feeling well..Porridge is more easier for digest..Unfortunately, their porridge sold out..

The waiters and waitress who working here are very efficient..Their action is fast and sharp..Once you have finished one dish, they will collect your plate within 1 minute..If your tea is finish, they will refill for you within 30 seconds..For the service, I have no objection..However, I would like to suggest if they give a smile while serving, that is perfect..Hehe!! For the meal, it is quite delicious and special..Although the portion is small, the taste is special and tasty..It is a good try here..You will get what you have paid..Hehe!!

After dinner, we had a walk at outdoor to feel the cold weather and photoshoot again..Hehe!! Around 10pm, we took a coffee at Old Town White Coffee..Their business is obviously decreased compared to March on last year..

Supposed we decided to have breakfast at First World Hotel..But the price RM26 per pax is really not reasonable..Finally, we took our breakfast at Marrybrown..Jimmy ordered Morning Shine (RM9.90) includes Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken & Coffee and I took Mama Toast (RM8.90) includes American Breakfast and Coffee..Hehe!!

After that, we packed our luggage and checked out..We went to Chin Swee Temple to have a photoshooting session before we back to our home..Hehe!! It is really an enjoyable and relax trip..During this trip, we have learned more about photoshooting skills..Hehe!!

Jimmy, thanks for bringing me to have such a nice trip..Hehe!! Let's go through the photos of Abalone Set..Hehe!! For my photos of photoshooting session, please find at my "@bbie..graphy" blog..Hehe!!


BBQ sliced pork with Yam paste

Double-boiled Shark's Fin with Fish Maw and Dried Scallop

Whole fresh Abalone "Ah Yat Style" (4ppc) & Stewed
Goose Web with vegetables

Special Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf

Ah Yat Handmade Bird's Nest Egg Tart

Fresh Almond Juice

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nikon D3000 Kit...

Finally, I have bought my first DSLR..Hehe!! I have struggled for a quite long time about which DSLR should I take..For a beginner, I should take Canon 450D, Nikon D3000 or Canon 1000D? Hehe..

After discussed with jimmy, I took Nikon D3000 finally..Hehe!! Frankly, it is actually my prior
choice..Hehe!! We are quite lucky because we can get this at a reasonable price..Hehe!! 7 items in one price..I think that it is quite acceptable..Hehe!! Jimmy agreed too..

7 items include Nikon D3000 kit, 8GB memory card, filter, screen protector, Nikon bag, Skyline standard bag & bag pack (2 in 1) and Steinzeiser tripod..Hehe!!

I will start my "abbiegraphy" at below link..Hehe!! Just check it out!!

Nikon D3000 with Kit Lens

Another view..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Point Cafe & Go Kart Sunway Ipoh

Yesterday Jimmy and I brought Daniel to have lunch at My Point Cafe..We took our lunch quite late..Hehe..It is around 3pm..It is my fourth time to visit here..Their business is really good because it is always full house..Hehe!! The cafe is slightly dark and blue..It is giving me a feeling of sea..Hehe!!

Jimmy took set lunch of Spaghetti Turkey Ham (RM13)and I took set lunch of Bolognaise Chicken Whole Leg (RM13)..Both sets included soups, main courses, drinks and desserts..Hehe!!The foods overall are nice and delicious..Hehe!! They do not charge any service charge and government tax..It is really reasonable..

After lunch, we brought Daniel to play Go Kart..Hehe!! Daniel was so excited when he saw the karts..We played 6 rounds..The first 3 rounds I fetched Daniel and Jimmy fetched him for the other 3 rounds..Hehe!! This is our first time to bring twin seats kart..It is quite hard to control compared to single seat kart..Daniel was very happy and quite scare also..He is keep on saying to both of us "Do not drive too fast" when play..Hehe!!

It is an enjoyable and happy Saturday!! Hehe!!

Soup and Garlic Bread

Bolognaise Chicken Whole Leg

Spaghetti Turkey Ham

Dessert - Ice Cream

Abbie and Daniel

Jimmy and Daniel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unique Seafood @ Lost World Of Tambun...

Last Saturday is my Dad's birthday..Jimmy and I would like to celebrate his birthday in advanced..Hehe!! We went to Unique Seafood which beside Lost World Of Tambun to have dinner..

There are many aquariums beside the entrance of dining place..There are many seafood like King Crab, Snow Crab (white color), Lobster, Abalone, Geoduck and so on..Hehe!!

There are a lot of dishes and we have no idea to choose..Finally, we chose from 8 Special & Famous of Unique Seafood..We would like to have Crab,Mantis Shrimp and vegetables - Kai Lan..Unfortunately, they have sold out..Their business is really good..Hehe!! Finally we have ordered Crispy Otak Bean Curd, Broccoli with Crab Sauce, Assorted Dried Seafood Pot, Chicken Recommended By Chef, Fish - Pak Soo Kong and Sau Mee..

The food are tasty and special..All of us gave a good comments for the Assorted Dried Seafood Pot..It is really delicious and tasty..For the chicken, the sauce is quite special..Hehe!! Overall, I gave 8 out of 10 for the dinner!! Hehe!! Dad promised that will treat us Lobsters and Crab at here for next time..Hehe!! Yahooh!!

After dinner, we have a photo-taking section with Jimmy's DSLR..Hehe!! It is a happy and enjoyable dinner!! Let's go through the photos..Hehe!!



Valley to Dining Place

Crispy Otak Bean Curd

Broccoli with Crab Sauce

Assorted Dried Seafood Pot

Chicken Recommended By Chef

Fish - Pak Soo Kong

Sau Mee especially for Dad