Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 33...~Traditional Mooncake~

Mooncake Festival is around the corner..One day, Jimmy found that there is recipe of making Traditional Mooncake in The Star newspaper..He told me that we can try out for this..Hehe..Look!! He is really more excited than me in Ab's Cooking Journey..Maybe I need to rename Ab's Cooking Journey to JA's Cooking Journey..Hehe..Wow, sounds good..Hahaha..

So coincidence, one of my colleague - Gan, she has interest to make Traditional Mooncake also..I invited her to JA house and bake together..Hehe..

After bought the ingredients, we started our journey..Hehe..At the beginning, we felt that the process is quite complicated..After awhile, we felt that it is quite simple and easy..Hehe..

Our homemade Mooncake looked quite nice and it is tasty also..Hehe..We are quite satisfied with our result..Hehe..Yeah Yeah!!

Mixing Sunflower Seed With Lotus Fillings

Lotus Fillings Ready

Covered Lotus Fillings

Pushing Out Mooncake From Mold

Sprinkled Water Over Mooncake

Washed Surface With Egg Yolk

Homemade Traditional Mooncake

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