Thursday, March 15, 2012

3rd Anniversary Surprise Gift - Kerokerokeropi Water Dispenser..

After we finished work at night, we went back home and slept..He woke up around 1pm and told me that he would like to meet Mr Siong..So I just continued to meet my Mr Zhou Gong..Hehe..

The next day, after night shift, we went back home as usual..However, today he acted a bit different..He did not get into bed immediately..After I got up to bed, he still went back to car to take something..But I lazy to ask what he is doing..Hehe..

About 1pm, I woke up and went down to living room to continue my sleep..I admitted that I am not an "easy-wake-up" girl..Hehe..I never noticed that in after I went down to living room slept, Jimmy had went down too and put "something" on the coffee table..

About 3,30pm, TV noise woke up me and when I am finding the remote control to lower down the TV volume, I found that there is a pair of big big eyes are "starring" at me..Hehe..I was so blur and I looked clearly again..I saw a Kerokerokeropi is standing in front of me..Hehe..

I immediately ran up to room and laughed at Jimmy..He knew what is happening and he is laughing too..Hehe..I was so surprise because I did not notice that he had done all this..Hehe..

Thanks to my lovely hubby - Jimmy..Hehe..Thanks for the gift and you are really successful as I did surprise..Hehe..Love you ah!! :P

I'm sorry as I did not prepare any gift for you..:( Hope that we enjoy during our Krabi Trip la..Hehe..

My Favourite Kerokerokeropi!!