Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unexpected 100 d@ys' Surprise...

Unexpected...It is really contrary to my expectations..

At first, I thought he want a walk..Before drop down from car, he suddenly took out two Portuguese Egg Tarts..I was so wondered..He said it is 100 d@ys' surprise..Hehe!! Besides egg tarts, there is a Hand-made Photo Frame..He had made it until late of the night..I was so sorry because I misunderstood him at first..Anyway, he did not mind at all..Hehe!!

We did have a great d@y and I was so happy and touched..

~Thanks for giving me such a big surprise~

Hand-Made Photo Frame


  1. It's good to see you happy. And you forgot to mention that we had our very first karaoke session. Hahahaha.....

  2. Good..Aiya, I really forgot..Really "Big Head Prawn"..