Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 30...~Crystal Mooncake~

I have stopped my Ab's Cooking Journey since April of 2011..Finally I'm back to my Ab's Cooking Journey..Hehe..Luckily, the "FIRE" in my heart is still existing..:P

Mooncake Festival is coming soon..So I would like to try jelly mooncake..Hehe..I did not take much photo of my preparation..Just captured some final production's photos..Hehe..

Let's take a look oh!!

Four Gold Fish..

Moon Of The Cake

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ipoh ~ Dong Long Curry Prawn Mee...

Last week Jimmy and I went to Ipoh Oldtown - Dong Long Curry Prawn Mee to have some spicy food..:) It is newly opened and I got to know this restaurant through newspaper..Hehe..

The friendly boss recommended me that Dry Curry Prawn Mee (RM5.50)..Since he highly recommended, I just took it a try..Hehe..Jimmy does not really like Curry much..So he ordered Soup Prawn Mee (RM5.50)..For drinks, we ordered Ipoh famous Oldtown White Coffee (RM1.60 each)..Hehe..

Overall the food is nice..We have 4 big prawns in our bowl..Hehe..For the drinks, it is quite big volume..The glass they are using is bigger if compared to other restaurant..Thus, I feel that it is worth to have a try..:)

Dry Curry Prawn Mee (RM5.50)

Soup Prawn Mee (RM5.50)

Oldtown White Coffe (RM1.60)

A Very Clear Price List