Monday, February 22, 2010

Black Canyon Coffee @ Kinta City

Today Jimmy and I went to Kinta City TGV to watch a movie..Hehe!! It had been a long period that we did not step into cinema since our last movie Transformer 2..Hehe!! After a short while of struggling about which movie we are going to watch, finally we chose "Wolfman" instead of all those CNY theme movies..Hehe!! We were early birds so the price is RM7 per seat..Hehe!!

Before the movie start, we took our breakfast at KFC..Hehe..In my opinion, the Wolfman is quite horibble..Hehe!! I have scared by the movie for certain shots..Hehe!!

After the movie, we had a walk..We saw there is a Potted Plant and Stone Exhibition at the lobby..Jimmy was taking this opportunity to take some photos by using his DSLR..Hehe!! Then, we took our lunch at Black Canyon Coffee..This cafe is originated from Thailand..The environmnet is quite nice..Hehe!! We chose Udon Prawn Tom Yam (RM9.90) as our main course..For the beverage, Jimmy took Iced Chocolate (RM6.90) and I chose Hot Cappucino (RM6.95)..Hehe!! The Tom Yam is quite nice and tasty..There are 4 big prawns to be served..

After that, we visited Jimmy's friend's Flower Shop..Jimmy took a lot of photos again..Hehe!! Jimmy bought two Burma Jade Pendants @ 如意..One for himself and one for me..Hehe!! I heard that this pendant can bring good luck to owner..Hehe!! Thanks ya..Hehe!!

Hot Cappucino

Iced Chocolate

Udon Prawn Tom Yam

Burma Jade Pendant @ 如意

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