Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unique Seafood @ Lost World Of Tambun...

Last Saturday is my Dad's birthday..Jimmy and I would like to celebrate his birthday in advanced..Hehe!! We went to Unique Seafood which beside Lost World Of Tambun to have dinner..

There are many aquariums beside the entrance of dining place..There are many seafood like King Crab, Snow Crab (white color), Lobster, Abalone, Geoduck and so on..Hehe!!

There are a lot of dishes and we have no idea to choose..Finally, we chose from 8 Special & Famous of Unique Seafood..We would like to have Crab,Mantis Shrimp and vegetables - Kai Lan..Unfortunately, they have sold out..Their business is really good..Hehe!! Finally we have ordered Crispy Otak Bean Curd, Broccoli with Crab Sauce, Assorted Dried Seafood Pot, Chicken Recommended By Chef, Fish - Pak Soo Kong and Sau Mee..

The food are tasty and special..All of us gave a good comments for the Assorted Dried Seafood Pot..It is really delicious and tasty..For the chicken, the sauce is quite special..Hehe!! Overall, I gave 8 out of 10 for the dinner!! Hehe!! Dad promised that will treat us Lobsters and Crab at here for next time..Hehe!! Yahooh!!

After dinner, we have a photo-taking section with Jimmy's DSLR..Hehe!! It is a happy and enjoyable dinner!! Let's go through the photos..Hehe!!



Valley to Dining Place

Crispy Otak Bean Curd

Broccoli with Crab Sauce

Assorted Dried Seafood Pot

Chicken Recommended By Chef

Fish - Pak Soo Kong

Sau Mee especially for Dad

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