Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wai Mei's Birthday Celebration @ Greentown Olivenz Cafe

There is a birthday celebration for Wai Mei (Our Jiong Moon) at Greentown Olivenz Cafe last Saturday..Hehe!! I am so blur until I went to wrong place..I went to Ipoh Garden East Olivenz Cafe..Haiz..Really "fish"..Hehe!!

After confirmed with Ying Ying, I met up them at Greentown Olivenz Cafe..Hehe..It is new opening..The menu is new and nicer compared to that of Ipoh Garden East..Hehe!! Wai Mei took Chicken Alio Alio - Spaghetti & Fresh Apple Juice (RM5.90), Mangga ordered Pomodoro Seafood Spaghetti & Hot Green Tea (RM4.90), Ying Ying chose Home Club Sandwich & Hot Jasmine Tea (RM4.90) and I took Peppy Swiss Chicken & Hot Milo (RM4.90)..

Overall, the food are delicious and they served in a nice outlook..Hehe!! There is a little comment here..Just for Ying Ying's hot jasmine tea, she commented it is no taste at all..Just like plain water..Hehe!! The service here is really good..The waitress and waiters are ready for help and friendly..There is NO service charge and government tax at all..Hehe!! It is really a best try at here..We paid a small token for the bill because of their good services..Hehe!! They should get it because they are putting customer as priority instead of doing business..

After dinner, we are chit-chatting with each other..Hehe!! Just like those friends who didn't meet for long time..Hehe!! After that, we sang a birthday song to Wai Mei with an American Brownies..Hehe!! The cake is nice and fresh which bought by Ying Ying at Deli-Garden..Hehe!!

Chicken Alio Alio - RM10.90

Pomodoro Seafood Spaghetti - RM11.90

Peppy Swiss Chicken - RM13.90

Home Club Sandwich - RM9.80

Happy Birthday To Wai Mei!!

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